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I’m going to fall asleep listing to London Grammar okay night 💫 💫 💫

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London Grammar are amazing idk man I love their music 

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Omg had such a good night and I don’t have business tomorrow which means I don’t have to turn up tomorrow hungover everything is going well

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I planned what socks I’m going to wear tomorrow night BUT NOW I CAN’T FIND THEM WHY DID I NOT TAKE FULL CONTROL OF ALL THE WASHING 

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I have cycled this far in June, so far
Musical Tag?

throwingelephants2 tagged me into this, thank u.

You’re supposed to put your itunes on shuffle and list the first 20 songs. I really like music so yeah.

1. Lithium - Nirvana 

2. One (Your Name) - Swedish House Mafia 

3. Can’t Tell Me Nothing - Kanye West 

4. Evilution - Datsik 

5. Running (Disclosure Remix) - Jessie Ware 

6. Limousine - Brand New 

7. I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish - The Smiths 

8. High Hopes - Paolo Nutini 

9. Midnight - Red Hot Chili Peppers 

10. Moon - Foals 

11. Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Parts 6-9 - Pink Floyd

12. Run Me Down - The Black Keys 

13. To Be Alone - Ben Howard 

14. All My Own Stunts - Arctic Monkeys 

15. Wild For The Night - A$AP Rocky 

16. Take Me To The Hospital - The Prodigy 

17. Candy - Paolo Nutini 

18. Coming Closer - Sub Focus 

19. Gold Dust - Flux Pavilion 

20. Dark Speakers - Black Tiger Sex Machine 

I shan’t tag anyone sorry, I feel like that’s quite representative of my music taste. 

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My tumblr is pokemon and Arctic Monkeys and stars and views and the occasional attractive girl and I am sorry for the inconsistency 

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Just did a five mile run but instead of feeling tired I feel very awake it’s 22:35 help I want to sleep soon please 

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Lying in bed singing along to Pink Floyd is one of my favourite things to do.

No shame.

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I have finished all of my revision / homework that I was going to do tonight so I will probably spend the rest of the evening playing games and listening to dubsteppy music yayay 

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I passed my driving practical today yay 

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I can’t sleep eugh I have so much stuff to think about

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I am so happy and it’s the best thing ever

AND I just finished a shift where I did everything right yyeesss

Lol sorry for sounding like a dick xo

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